Independent Record Label: Sabana Records and the sounds of protests

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The “Cooking Pot” sounds

“Sonidos de la Olla y Otros Instrumentos de Protesta” (Sounds of the Cooking Pot and Other Protest Instruments) is the first music compilation from Colombia’s new independent record label: Sabana Records. The Label aims to showcase artistic and editorial projects from Colombia and South America. 

“We created this label to share new ideas and movements within music, literature, and visual arts, as well as to explore and rethink how we can approach these disciplines and the artists that operate within them.”

The Independent Record Label

Sabana Records’ focus as an independent record label is naturally oriented towards music; nonetheless, it wants to explore the idea of publications that encourage different kinds of media. The central theme for the first publication was the 2019 Colombia’s national strike against the current president Ivan Duque, his right-wing government, and their authoritarian policies and corruption scandals.

With this in mind, they created “Sonidos de la Olla y Otros Instrumentos de Protesta,” a compilation of music, texts, photos, and illustrations. Sabana Records’ publication aims to build a collective and multiform portrait of the National Strike based on its sounds, textures, symbols, and images through the voices that were part of the protests and social movements. 

“We believe that the national strike, as well as the on-going Covid-19 crisis, are breaking points for the Colombian society. These particular scenarios should lead, now more than ever, to rethink how art can get involved in social, political, and economic processes.”

To achieve the final body of work, Sabana Records contacted various music producers. The indie label sent out a series of audio samples recorded during some of the demonstrations. Also, it featured hits and textures taken from a different number of skillets, pots, and pans (objects with a leading role within the protests because people used them to create noise).

The artists behind it

For each of the producers, the objective was to create a free-form track featuring these samples. The producers featured in this compilation are Isaac Matus, Santiago Navas, Ma Wal, Carlos Rizzi, Dsum, Petricor, Quininí, Sonique, and Amel Amaru. Each of them used the included samples in a unique and particular way, creating a little portrait of the diverse sound spectrum found in the electronic music scene from Colombia. On the other hand, the illustrations, photographs, and texts didn’t have a specific guideline. 

Sabana Records invited different artists that they admire and whose work they’ve been following for a while. The artists featured in this compilation are Mateo Walschburger (photographs), Santiago Guevara (illustrations), and Catalina Riascos (Vocal interpretation of the texts). To conclude, the project, the texts were written by Pedro Adrián Zuluaga, Natalia Martínez, Pablo Espinosa, and Santiago de Narváez

Out now!

“Sonidos de la Olla y Otros Instrumentos de Protesta” is out now on all digital stores, and as a physical version. The full work of illustrations and photographs will be available on Sabana Records’ YouTube and Bandcamp page as well.

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