The Creatr Podcast Ep. 13 – Niko Seizov: Leading With Passion and Creating Your Own Music Career

Niko Seizov

Niko Seizov – London

Niko Seizov is a London-based music entrepreneur, artist manager, and electronic music artist from Bulgaria. He has been involved in multiple projects inside the music industry, thanks to his constant need for pursuing his passions. Since 2007, he joined the electronic music scene in London and has had the chance to provide guidance and strategies on projects with Thom Yorke, Modeselektor, Marc Houle, and GRAMMY nomination for the Best Remix category with Paul McCartney & Timo Maas’ “1985.”

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Passion-driven, Niko possesses a privileged position in the industry with his understanding of artistic ambition alongside a managerial mindset. By working hard on his initiatives, he has been able to see his projects prosper. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the famous Circle of Live – “live music acts only” event series that brings together the biggest names in electronic music. Nowadays, Circle of Live also incorporates a Record Label and is preparing to launch a revolutionary educational platform.

Join us to learn more about how Niko Seizov manages Sebastian Mullaert, Laurence Guy, and Wayne Snow. Also, learn how he has equipped new ways for the arts to prosper, how he connects work with nature, and how to bring the projects you envision. In this episode, Niko allows us to dig deeper into his career and learn from his personal hustle experiences.

Circle of Live

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Welcome to the second season of CREATR, a podcast by Stereotheque where we explore the intersection of music, entertainment, business, and technology from the perspective of a wide range of experts from all segments of the creative industries.

Listen to our talk with Niko Seizov!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Moving to a more suitable environment for personal development
  • Co-Founder and managing director of Circle of Live
  • Entering the Music Industry at an Agency in 2007
  • Becoming a music artists
  • Returning to the administrative sector
  • How Record Labels are not the best model to make money
  • Using social media to promote music right before it became popular
  • Opening a Social Media Marketing Agency and transitioning from learning a craft, to running the ship.
  • Transitioning and adapting a company to the clients’ needs and growth expectations
  • Exceeding your work capacities
  • How to deal with work becoming overwhelming, and how to return to being sharp
  • Understanding your limits 
  • Developing your projects on the side
  • Letting Passion drive your way in the music industry
  • Growing a career from a marketing company to an artist management company, to a Record Label and event series
  • How to keep innovating
  • How to become a music entrepreneur?
  • Implementing all the acquired skill into new jobs
  • How to manage companies with defined internal departments
  • How to identify the bigger and better deal for an artist
  • Learning from the best specialists in their areas of expertise
  • Do NOT overthink!
  • Try new things and evolve along with the industry
  • Collaborations with other creatives like visual artists to present live music in a different way
  • Circle of Live
    • Event Series
    • Record Label
    • Educational platform
  • How to live without the touring circuit?
  • Not to focus on creating the artist of the future, but rather the industry of the future
  • Live and create meaningful projects in your life
  • “Work for your purpose, and the business will find you, do not go out trying to follow and chase a “box.”
  • What do you feel are you bringing value to the world?
  • How to not fall on “boxes” and keep your north 
  • Understanding the needs and creating the right formats for education
  • Managing artists and building spaces for artistic growth
  • Always bring the Passion – people will fill it! 
  • The “morning pages practice” and how to align your days with your goals, dreams, and thoughts
  • Honoring your feelings
  • Understanding why people follow these “boxes.”


  2. Sebastian Mullaert 
  3. Laurence Guy
  4. Wayne Snow
  5. Universal Music and Mercury Records
  6. Forward Thinking Music
  7. “1985” Paul McCartney & Timo Maas

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